ECB stands for "Emacs Code Browser". While Emacs already has good editing support for many modes, its browsing support is somewhat lacking. That's where ECB comes in: it displays a number of informational windows that allow for easy source code navigation and overview.

The informational windows can contain:

  • A directory tree,
  • a list of source files in the current directory (with full support and display of the VC-state),
  • a list of functions/classes/methods/... in the current file, (ECB uses the CEDET-semantic, or Imenu, or etags, for getting this list so all languages supported by any of these tools are automatically supported by ECB too)
  • a history of recently visited files (groupable by several criterias),
  • a direct and auto-updated ecb-window for the semantic-analyzer for some intellisense,
  • the Speedbar and
  • output from compilation (the compilation window) and other modes like help, grep etc. or whatever a user defines to be displayed in this window.

As an added bonus, ECB makes sure to keep these informational windows visible, even when you use C-x 1 and similar commands.

It goes without saying that you can configure the layout, ie which informational windows should be displayed where. ECB comes with a number of ready-made window layouts to choose from.

ECB 2.40 released! (2009-05-16)
ECB now requires full CEDET being installed (at least 1.0pre6). ECB has now more user-responsible buffer-parsing based on the idle-mechanism of semantic. In addition it fully supports current semantic-analyzer for intellisense and type-finding. ECB is more stable and now fully compatible with Emacs 22 and 23 and also mostly with XEmacs. ECB is able to work with indirect buffers if the base-buffer is filebased. It has a complete reworked history-buffer which can be bucketized and shows dead- and indirect-buffers in different faces. It has new support for Git and Monotone as version-control systems. In addition a lot of bugs are fixed. Here is a short installation guide. Click here for information about all changes in the new version.

ECB 2.32 released! (2005-07-11)
ECB offers now two new interactors (special ecb-windows): One for the semantic-analyser (of cedet) and one for displaying the definition of current symbol at point. In addition the up- and down-arrow-keys are also smart in the tree-buffers. Much better maximizing and minimizing of the ecb-windows. Support for (X)Emacs < 21 has been officialy removed. Full documentation of the library tree-buffer.el. Some important bug-fixes. Here is a short installation guide. Click here for information about changes in the new version.

ECB 2.31 released! (2004-12-10)
This is mostly a bug-fix-release for native Windows-XEmacs. In addition beta-code for Clearcase-support has been added. It's strongly recommended to install this release when using native Window-XEmacs! Here is a short installation guide. Click here for information about changes in the new version.

Click here to get a list of all news.

Full CEDET suiteRecommend is the newest release, required is at least a version >= 1.0pre6.
JDEE (optional)If you use ECB for Java development.

If you use XEmacs you must have installed the packages mail-lib and c-support (contains hideshow.el).

Klaus Berndl
Eric M. Ludlam

Please use the public ECB mailing list for reporting bugs, making suggestions and asking questions about ECB.

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