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6.6.1 Possible actions after visiting a tag

You visit a tag by clicking with either the primary oder secondary mouse-button (or by hitting RET or C-RET if using the keyboard) onto a node in the Methods-tree-buffer of ECB. This simply selects the “right” edit-window (depends if clicked with the primary or secondary button, in how many windows the edit-area is splitted and the value of ecb-mouse-click-destination) and puts the point onto the first line of the clicked tag.

But you can define if after this “basic” tag-visit-action more additional actions should be performed by ECB. You can either use some of the predefined actions (e.g. highlighting the header-line of the tag) or define own actions. You can set different actions for different major-modes. All this is done via the option ecb-tag-visit-post-actions.

The following actions are currently predefined:

See the documentation of these function for details what they do.

Per default ECB performs the actions ecb-tag-visit-smart-tag-start and ecb-tag-visit-highlight-tag-header for all major-modes.