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6.2.4 Using the popup-menu of a tree-buffer from keyboard.

A popup-menu of a tree-buffer can be activated from keyboard with the command tree-buffer-show-menu-keyboard which is bound to M-m in every tree-buffer. How the popup-menu is displayed depends if this command is called with a prefix-argument or not:

If called without a prefix-arg then the popup-menu is displayed graphically as if it would be activated via mouse (for GNU Emacs this works perfectly but for XEmacs there is a bug which results in a wrong menu-position - but the menu itself works also with XEmacs).

If called with a prefix-arg (C-u M-m) then the popup-menu is displayed with the tmm-mechanism (like the Emacs-[menu-bar] is displayed when `tmm-menubar' is called). This tmm-display is only available for GNU Emacs.