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6.13 Stealthy background-tasks of ECB

ECB performs some tasks stealthily in the background and also interruptable by the user because these tasks can be time-consuming and could otherwise block ECB. Currently the following tasks are performed stealthily and in the background by ECB:

Prescann directories for emptyness
Prescann directories and display them as empty or not-empty in the directories-buffer. See the documentation of the option ecb-prescan-directories-for-emptyness for a description.
File is read only
Check if sourcefile-items of the directories- or sources-buffer are read-only or not. See documentation of the option ecb-sources-perform-read-only-check.
Checks the version-control-state of files in directories which are managed by a VC-backend. See the option ecb-vc-enable-support.

All of these tasks (e.g. checking if a directory is empty or not) perform a certain action for all directories or sources displayed in the current visible tree-buffers of ECB. Normally there should be no annoying delay for the user because each of these tasks will be only performed when Emacs is idle and will be interrupted immediatelly when a user hits a key or clicks the mouse but especially for remote-directories one single action (e.g. checking if a certain directory is empty or checking the VC-state of a sourcefile in such a remote directory) can be very time-consuming and such a single action is not interruptable (an interrupt can only occur between the single-actions for two directories or sources) For a further discussion how to deal best with remote directories see Remote directories.!

ECB offers for all stealthy tasks three steps of activation:

In combination with the option ecb-stealthy-tasks-delay these three choices already allow adapting the stealthy tasks to most needs. But to offer finest granularity for which directories a certain stealthy task should be switched on and for which not ECB offers for every stealthy task an additional option which allows a finer adjustment:

These options take only effect when the related task is not completely switched off. If this is the case they allow excluding certain directories (or the sources of directories) from being processed by a certain stealthy task.