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1.1.1 Requirements

This section describes the requirements of ECB. Just follow these steps and the requirements of ECB are fulfilled.

  1. Emacs-version: ECB works only with (X)Emacs >= 21! If you have an older one, please upgrade.
  2. Install CEDET-suite: Get it from, read the setup-instructions in and read also the shipped file INSTALL.

    Please note: ECB requires now a complete CEDET-installation! It will not longer work with outdated separate packages semantic 1.4.X, eieio 0.X and speedbar 0.X!

  3. Only for XEmacs-users: If you use XEmacs you must have installed the package c-support (contains hideshow.el). If you want to read the online-help of ECB in HTML-format you must have the library browse-url (part of the mail-lib XEmacs package) installed; this package is also needed for submitting problem-reports to the ECB-maintainers!
  4. Optional for Java-coding: If Java code is edited the ECB works best when the JDEE package ( is installed.

Do not install ECB before you have successfully installed the requirements!