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10.8.4 How to refresh ECB-state-display when changed outside

If all actions concerning version controlling of a file are performed within Emacs with commands offeres by VC then the displayed state for such a file in the tree-buffers of ECB will be always correct - in that sense that ECB will always display that state which the check-state-function for the file will return. At least with GNU Emacs for the backends CVS, RCS, SCCS and Subversion this will be true. With XEmacs only for CVS. For other backends see Adding new backends.

But if the VC-state of a file will be changed outside of Emacs (unfortunately PCL-CVS must be called “outside” too because PCL-CVS doesn't use the functions of the VC-package of Emacs for checking-in or -out) then ECB can not automatically recognize this and therefore it can not aurtomatically update the displayed state-image-icon. You have to tell ECB for which files in the tree-buffers the VC-state should be recomputed. This can be done via the popup-menus of the ECB-tree-buffers - The following popup-commands are offered in the submenu “Version Control”:

ECB-directories-buffer (if sources are displayed within):
“Recompute state for file” and “Recompute state for dir” whereas the latter one recomputes the VC-state for all files of that directory the file belongs.
“Recompute state for file” and “Recompute state for dir” whereas the latter one recomputes the VC-state for all files currently displayed in the sources-buffer.
“Recompute state for file” and “Recompute state for whole history” whereas the latter one recomputes the VC-state for all file-entries currently displayed in the history-buffer.

Caution: The state will only recomputed right under all situations if you use either ecb-vc-state or vc-recompute-state as check-state-function in ecb-vc-supported-backends (see Checking the state).

Of course all these commands update the VC-state in all visible tree-buffers the file is currently displayed (e.g. often a file is displayed in the sources- and the history-buffer)!

For general informations about the usage of popup-menus in ECB see Using the mouse (subsection “The right mouse button”).

In addition to these popup-commands using the POWER- rsp. Shift-click (see Using the mouse) onto a directory in the directory-window of ECB refreshes the VC-state-values of all files contained in this directory too.