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6.8.2 Redrawing the ECB-layout

If you have unintentionally destroyed the ECB-layout, you can always restore the layout with calling ecb-redraw-layout. This is even true, if you get messages like “wrong-type-argument window-live-p #<window 222>”.

If the variable ecb-redraw-layout-quickly is not nil then the redraw is done by the ecb-redraw-layout-quickly function, otherwise by ecb-redraw-layout-full. But it's strongly recommended to use the quick redraw only if you have really slow machines where a full redraw takes several seconds because the quick redraw is not really safe and may have some drawbacks! On normal machines the full redraw should be done in << 1s!

Please read the documentation of the command ecb-redraw-layout!

See also the hooks ecb-redraw-layout-after-hook and ecb-redraw-layout-before-hook!