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10.6 Working with large directories

If ecb-source-path contains directories with many files and subdirs, especially if these directories are mounted net-drives (“many” means here something > 500, dependent on the speed of the net-connection and the machine), actualizing the sources- and/or directories- buffer of ECB (if displayed in current layout!) can slow down dramatically. If this is a problem the contents of certain directories and also the contents of the sources-buffer can be cached which increases the speed a lot. See the option ecb-cache-directory-contents.

IMPORTANT: The full speed-advantage of this cache-mechanism is only available if ecb-show-sources-in-directories-buffer is nil, i.e. sources of a directory are displayed in the ECB-sources-window. The reason is that only with a sources window the tree-buffer contents for the sources can be cached (i.e. the buffer-content of the ECB-sources-window) whereas with sources displayed in the directories buffer only the disk-contents of a directory are cached - which increases speed too but not so much as with sources displayed in the extra window ECB-sources.

The cache of a directory can be only refreshed by a POWER-click (with mouse or keyboard) onto the related directory-node in the directories-buffer of ECB (see Using the mouse).

See also the option ecb-cache-directory-contents-not. Here are some useful settings for both of these options:

Another way for getting a faster overlook for large directories with many source-entries is to apply an online-filter to the sources-buffer. This can be done via the command ecb-sources-filter or via the popup-menu of the sources-buffer.