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10.14 Using hide-show from the methods-buffer-menu

The popup-menu of the Methods-buffer offer two entries for either hiding or showing the block which is related to the selected tag (that tag for which the popup-menu was opened):

For this feature the library hideshow.el is used which should normally being included in the (X)Emacs-distribution. If this library is not loaded into Emacs, ECB does this automatically before the first call to one of these menu-entries.

IMPORTANT: If in some major-mode hiding and showing does not work as you expect it to work then you must probably add an entry for this major-mode to the hideshow-variable hs-special-modes-alist. See the documentation of this variable for further details. One example of such a major-mode is jde-mode of the Java Development Environment JDEE; just add an entry for it like the already contained entries for c++-mode or java-mode and hiding and showing will work for you with JDEE too.