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6.12.1 General synchronization aspects

For each separate ECB-window-synchronization (remember: One common for the basic ECB-windows, one for each add-on ECB-window) ECB offers the following option-triple (demonstrated for the basic ECB-windows):

Analogous to the shown options for the basic ECB-windows each add-on ECB-window has its own separate triple of these options, named congruent to the name of the buffer-name of the add-on ECB-window (e.g. for the analyse ECB-window with the buffer-name hold in ecb-analyse-buffer-name these three options are named ecb-analyse-buffer-sync, ecb-analyse-buffer-sync-delay and ecb-analyse-buffer-sync-hook. For some specialities see Add-on synchronization.

Please note: With the command ecb-window-sync you can do a manual synchronization if the automatic one is switched off or if you just want to do this! See the documantation of this command.