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6.7.3 Applying filters to the History-buffer Interactive History-filters

The command ecb-history-filter allows to filter these tree-buffer either by a regular expression or by an extension (e.g. java, cc, el for java-, c++- rsp elisp-sources). This functionality is also available via the popup-menu of the History-tree-buffer.

The currently applied filter is indicated in the modeline of the related tree-buffer. Applying a new filter replaces an eventually already applied filter. Default History-filters

The option ecb-history-exclude-file-regexps allows to exclude source-files from being historized (ie. displayed in the History-buffer). Despite the fact that the History-buffer already excludes all non-file-buffers there can be still buffers which name you do not wat to be displayed in the history. These are file-buffer like TAGS or semantic.cache which store meta-informations used by Emacs and its tools (etags, semantic etc.). These files can be excluded via ecb-history-exclude-file-regexps.