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6.12 Synchronization of the ECB-windows

Per default ECB synchronizes automatically the contents of the ECB-windows (e.g. tree-buffers) with the current active edit-window (rsp. the current buffer of the edit window).

ECB distinguishes between the so called “basic” ECB-windows (for a general description see Basic ECB-windows) and add-on ECB-windows (see Add-on ECB-windows). This distinction is also important concerning synchronization:

The basic ECB-windows are always synchronized together whereas for each add-on ECB-window a separate synchronization option is offered.

This section describes at beginning some general synchronization aspects (common for all ECB-windows, basic ones as well as add-ons), then the synchronization of the basic-ECB-windows and finally the synchronization of the add-on ECB-windows.