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1.1.2 Installation of ECB as a XEmacs-package

This section is only relevant for XEmacs-users!

In previous versions of ECB XEmacs-users could use the package-management-system of XEmacs for first-time downloading/installing ECB or for upgrading to a newer version of ECB.

Beginning with version 2.33 ECB does no longer support the old versions of semantic, eieio and speedbar not part of the CEDET-suite. ECB >= 2.33 requires fully installed CEDET-suite with version >= 1.0pre6. This one is not available as XEmacs-package. Therefore ECB can also not be run as XEmacs-package. If cedet will become a XEmacs-package then probably ECB will come back as XEmacs-package. But in the meanwhile you have to install ECB “by hand” as described in the next section (see Standard ECB-Installation).