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4.1.5 The ECB Methods-window

The ECB-Methods ECB-window contains all parsed and recognized tags of the current source-buffer. It is called “Method-buffer” because ECB is mostly designed for browsing sourcecode files and for programming-languages these tags are often methods (and variables etc.) To simplify explanations we talk in the following only about methods and variables - but in general the method-buffer can contain any kind of tags (e.g. sections and subsections for texinfo buffers).

Per default the content of the methods-ECB-window is automatically synchronized and updated with current point of the current source-buffer in the edit-area (see ECB-window synchronizing). This and other important informations about usage of the powerful Methods-window of ECB can be found in The Methods window. Usage of the methods ECB-window Activating/Displaying the methods ECB-window

Either use one of the predefined layouts which contain the methods ECB-window (see Changing the ECB-layout) (e.g. via C-c . l c) or create a new ecb-layout via the command ecb-create-new-layout and add a buffer of type “methods” into this new layout (see Creating a new ECB-layout). Customizing the methods ECB-window

See ecb-methods for a list of all options currently available for customizing this ECB-window to your needs.