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9.1 Downloading new versions of ECB and/or CEDET

Please note: THE PACKAGE-DOWNLOAD-FEATURE OF ECB IS COMPLETELY DEACTIVATED SINCE VERSION 2.33! Please got to the website of ECB and download and install “by hand”:

  1. Download ECB

    Go to and download the latest release (or if you are brave and tough the latest CVS-snapshot) from the download section.

    Save the archive (either *.tar.gz or *.zip) in a suitable location of your disk.

  2. Extract the downloaded ECB-archive

    Extract the archive with a suitable extraction-tool. The archive will extract into a new directory ecb-<version> whereas <version> is either the version number of the downloaded release or “latest” in case of the CVS-snapshot. (example for a release: The archive extracts into a new subdirectory ecb-2.33.

    The newly created subdirectory contains all files of ECB in the needed subdirectory structure.

    Note: Do not change the subdirectory structure of the extracted archive - this will prevent ECB from working correctly!

  3. Install and setup ECB

    See Installation.

  4. Start ECB

    ECB will perform some requirements checks, especially for CEDET. Remark: By setting the option ecb-version-check to nil you can prevent ECB from checking correct versions of CEDET but it's strongly recommended not to do this!

  5. (Optional) Download and install a newer version of CEDET

    If the version-check in (4) fails then you have to install a newer version of CEDET which fulfill the version-number ECB reports to you after its version check.

    See the instruction of CEDET how to do this. You will find CEDET at

    For setting up CEDET see Setting up CEDET/semantic.

    If you have installed a new CEDET-version you MUST re-byte-compile ECB unless you run ECB not byte-compiled!