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10.12 Displaying the compile-window on demand

If you like displaying all output of compile/grep/etc. an all temp-buffers like *Help*-buffers in an extra compile-window (see Temp- and compile-buffers) but you dislike wasting the space of this compile-window if you are just editing then you can get a compile-window “on demand”. Just do the following:

  1. Customize ecb-compile-window-height to not nil and save it for future sessions. This gives you an extra compile-window at the bottom.
  2. Add the following to your .emacs:
            (add-hook 'ecb-activate-hook
                      (lambda ()
                        (let ((compwin-buffer (ecb-get-compile-window-buffer)))
                        (if (not (and compwin-buffer
                                      (ecb-compilation-buffer-p compwin-buffer)))
                            (ecb-toggle-compile-window -1)))))

    This hides the extra compile-window directly after the start of ECB because there is no need for a compile-window at this moment. But the hiding will not be done if there is a compile-window and if a “compile-buffer” in the sense of ecb-compilation-buffer-p is displayed in this compile-window. Without this additional check the compile-window would always be hidden after the ECB-start even when ECB is reactivated after a deactivation by the window-manager-support of ECB (see Window-managers and ECB); but in these cases we want to preserve the state before deactivation as good as possible (see also option ecb-split-edit-window-after-start).

This is all you have to do. Now if you run compile (or grep or other compile-modes) or display temp-buffers like *Help*-buffers then ECB autom. displays the compile-window at the bottom and display the output there.

If you have finished with using the compile- or temp-output (e.g. fixing errors) then you can throw away the compile-window just by ecb-toggle-compile-window - ECB will reactivate it autom. before next compilation or help-buffer-display.!