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6.11 Back- and forward navigation like a browser

With ECB you can “browse” in your source-files like with a web-browser. This means ECB stores the current buffer- and window-position relative to the current tag1 in the edit-window after

ECB offers two commands ecb-nav-goto-next (C-c . n) and ecb-nav-goto-previous (C-c . p) to go forward and backward within this navigation history-list. These commands are also available via the menu “ECB –> Navigate”.

Aside normal “location-browsing” this is useful for example in a scenario where the buffer is narrowed to a tag (see ecb-tag-visit-post-actions):

  1. You edit a function
  2. Goto another function above the current in the same file
  3. Add a few lines
  4. Call ecb-nav-goto-previous

    Now you will edit at the same place in the function.


[1] e.g. a method, a variable or any other semantic tag