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11.4 How to deal with the adviced functions

ECB needs a bunch of advices so ECB can work correctly. ECB has a powerful advice-backbone which allows defining sets of adviced functions whereas a set means, that all advices of a certain set are always enabled or disabled together.

For this ECB contains four macros:

For a detailed explanation of each macro read the documentation with describe-function!

An advice in ECB must not being defined by defadvice but only with defecb-advice which in turn needs a previously defined advice-set defined by defecb-advice-set.

So ECB has always full control of all advices. For example ECB automatically disables all advices of all advice-sets at load-time of ECB and also at deactivation time of ECB. So you can be sure that after deactivating ECB all ecb-advices are deactivated/disabled too.

In addition to the four macros above ECB offers two further macros for running code with disabled some ecb-advices:

The advice set ecb-basic-adviced-functions contains most of the ecb-advices. See the contents of this variable to see which advices are contained in this set. Use ecb-with-original-basic-functions when you want evaluating elisp-code with disabled basic-advices. ecb-with-original-basic-functions is only a shortcut for ecb-with-original-adviced-function-set called for the ecb-basic-adviced-functions-set.

Same for ecb-with-original-permanent-layout-functions which is a shortcut for the advice-set ecb-permanent-adviced-layout-functions.

Last but not least ECB contains an advice-set ecb-always-disabled-advices. These advices are always disabled. This advice-set can not be enabled by ecb-enable-advices but such an advice has to be activated 'on demand' by the caller. Such an advice must be used with the macro ecb-with-ecb-advice (see the docstring) and is also enabled within the BODY of the macro-call.

ECB contains some more advice-sets but don't bother about it.

Please Note: See the value of ecb-adviced-function-sets which advice-sets are defined and see ecb-adviced-functions for an overview for all adviced functions.