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6.12.3 Synchronization of add-on ECB-windows

Currently ECB has a separate synchronization for the add-on ECB-windows ECB-analyse and ECB-symboldef and also for the eshell and speedbar-integration. Customizing can be done via:

Each enabling- and delay-option has an additonal special value 'basic which is the default for all these options because it allows to use the current setting of ecb-basic-buffer-sync rsp. ecb-basic-buffer-sync-delay for the add-on synchronization too. Example: If ecb-basic-buffer-sync is set to the value (Info-mode dired-mode) then a setting of 'basic for ecb-analyse-buffer-sync means that synchronization is always done unless the current major-mode is Info-mode or dired-mode. Per default all add-on synchronization enabling- and delay-options are set to 'basic with one exeption: ecb-analyse-buffer-sync-delay: See the documentation of this option for a detailed description.

In general it is recommended to read the documentation of all these options.